No Boring Powerpoint Lectures Here...

Cutting edge safety and awareness strategies that your team can begin using immediately.
There is team building, and then there is COBRA team building.

COBRA training boosts morale, builds trust, settles in newcomers and rewards your team with long term power and confidence that increases team output.

A team that works well together is more effective, more productive and more successful. Help them break down barriers and tap into hidden potential.

The best results come from teams who know how to communicate and collaborate. None of us are as strong as ALL of us!

Combining fun with learning is one of the most effective ways to improve performance. Laugh, learn and connect with your team.

COBRA training improves effective communication skills like listening, empathy, assertiveness and verbalisation in real world scenarios to control conflict.

Allow your team to digest new concepts together, so that they can connect new ideas with real world tasks and have a common purpose to stride towards.

Interactive and Fun

Many companies are selecting this new type of team building experience. This exciting program is adapted from actual police academy self defence training.

Excitement, problem solving, team work and confidence. Empower your employees with skills that could save their lives.

Jaw dropping, eye opening and loads of fun. These interactive seminars require no athletic skills or prior training.

Usig realistic scenarios, team members experience a variety of challenging situations that mimic real life criminal encounters.

Not only will the team have fun they will come away with a greatly enhanced understanding of how the criminal mind works.

Your team will learn dynamic self defence skills that will enhance their decision making skills under pressure. Even though the gun is fake, the emotion is real.


You're In Good Company

COBRA is trusted by some of the largest companies in the World.

Some of our recent partnerships include;


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